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Rep. Ken Buck Sends Letter to Biden Demanding International Inclusion for Taiwan

November 17, 2021
Press Release
Washington, D.C. – Rep. Buck (CO-04) sent a letter to Joe Biden on Wednesday, asking for the Executive Branch to use any and all diplomatic powers of the U.S. government to facilitate Taiwan’s participation in international organizations.
"In response to recent military escalations from the Chinese government toward Taiwan, your administration reiterated America’s support for Taiwan’s right to self-determination," Buck wrote to Biden.
"However," the Colorado Republican added, "the United States must do more to concretely demonstrate this commitment. In light of the recent meeting of the U.S.-Taiwan Working Group to discuss Taiwan’s ongoing exclusion from international organizations, I write to urge you to employ the full diplomatic strength of the United States to restore Taiwan’s ability to participate in international organizations."
Despite America normalizing relations with China, Taiwan was still allowed to participate in international organizations for years. However, China has campaigned to limit that participation, resulting in Taiwan being banned from engaging with every major international body.
"Regardless of the Chinese government’s claims over the territory, the Taiwanese people have and continue to reject these assertions and do not recognize China as their representative at meetings of the UN and other international organizations," Buck's letter reads. "The communist government of China does not and has never governed Taiwan. The island’s continued exile from these bodies has left its more than 23 million citizens without representation at these meetings."
Despite feeling encouraged by certain steps taken by Biden's administration regarding Taiwan, Congressman Buck is urging the White House take the following actions to leverage American influence in an effort to restore Taiwan’s participation in international bodies:
1.) Invite President Tsai Ing-Wen to meet with President Biden at the White House and endeavor to reciprocally visit Taiwan.
2.) Direct the United States Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield to vote in favor of Taiwan’s involvement in the UN, as well as to coordinate with other nations to ensure Taiwan’s ability to participate in meetings of the UN and other international organizations.
3.) Coordinate with U.S. allies – personally, as well as through the Department of State – to expand diplomatic and economic support for Taiwan, including supporting its participation in international organizations.
4.) Apply pressure on the UN and member states thereof to admit Taiwan as an observer.
"As the Chinese government persists in its expansionist approach toward international affairs and continues to undermine rules-based diplomacy and international engagement, the United States bears a responsibility to deter these malicious behaviors. I appreciate your consideration of these requests," Buck concluded.