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Congressman Ken Buck

Representing the 4th District of Colorado


Latest News

September 14, 2016 Press Release
“This legislation holds employees at the Department of Veterans Affairs accountable for failing our veterans. After the sacrifices our veterans have made, they deserve the best care we can offer.”
July 25, 2016 Press Release
“I’m eager to see all of the incredible apps that students around the district will create. The student participants are developing skills that will serve not only their future but the future of our nation.”
July 15, 2016 Press Release
In Northern Colorado, water is life for farmers and everyone else who lives in the region. I’ve watched firsthand as water shortages in Colorado drive farmers and their families to desperation.We need to reform federal regulations so that water projects can be completed more quickly and more efficiently.
July 14, 2016 Press Release
“A GMO labeling mandate ties up food producers in red tape, driving up costs for Colorado families.A flawed labeling law in one state should not lead us to create a shortsighted law for the other 49 states.”
July 6, 2016 Press Release
My wife and I are praying for the family of Senator Bill Armstrong and for everyone whose lives he touched.
July 2, 2016 Press Release
I appreciated the chance to learn about issues faced by the wheat growing community. I’m working in Congress to ensure that our farms and the surrounding communities can thrive.
June 28, 2016 Press Release
When we distract our military with a radical climate change agenda, we detract from their main purpose of defending America from enemies like ISIS. This amendment refocuses the military on our real enemies.
June 22, 2016 Press Release
"When Congress investigated the agency’s behavior, Commissioner Koskinen misled us. This is a serious breach of trust. He works for the American people, and it’s time for the American people to fire him. The IRS would be better off without Commissioner Koskinen showing up to work every day."
June 10, 2016 Press Release
"Today the House of Representatives sent a clear message to the President. It’s not OK to implement a radical green energy agenda on the backs of the American people."
June 9, 2016 Press Release
"Students like these make me more hopeful about our future. They’ve committed their lives to serving our nation through thick and thin. I commend them and wish them the best as they begin their journey in the U.S. Armed Forces."


In The News

May 13, 2015 In The News

The GOP-led House on Wednesday passed the most sweeping reforms to the nation’s intelligence laws in years, setting up a clash with Republicans in the Senate.

In a 338-88 vote, the House overwhelmingly approved the USA Freedom Act, which would prevent the NSA from collecting bulk metadata about the phone numbers people dial and when their calls are placed.

May 1, 2015 In The News
An additional $2 million would be funneled to the Arkansas Valley Conduit under an amendment to the water and energy appropriation bill (HR2028).
April 23, 2015 In The News

If elected officials can possess guns, why can’t the rest of Washington’s citizens?

April 23, 2015 In The News

Bill Rep. Rod Blum, R-Iowa, recently introduced legislation in the house that includes a provision to extend the ethanol waiver for Reid vapor pressure (RVP) to ethanol blends with more than 10 percent ethanol.

April 22, 2015 In The News
Although Washington DC’s strict gun control requirements make it “illegal for most people to carry a firearm under Washington, D.C.’s strict gun laws,” Capitol Police say it is allowable for members of Congress to keep guns in their offices and to transport them as well, “as long as they are unloaded.”
April 22, 2015 In The News

U.S. Reps. Ken Buck (R-Colo.) and Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), posed with one of the few legal AR-15s in Washington D.C. last week, with predictable results. (Photo: Facebook)

A pair of Republican congressmen caught flak after an image with the two holding a controversial rifle, banned in Washington D.C., hit social media.

April 22, 2015 In The News

David Gregory nearly found out the hard way about defying the District of Columbia’s restrictive gun laws ( though prosecutors lost interest in the story quickly) and now one congressman may be entering into the same sort of kerfuffle. Representative Ken Buck (R-Colorado) tweeted a picture of himself and Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) holding Buck’s AR-15.

April 22, 2015 In The News

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) and Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) might be in hot water after taking a picture with an American flag-painted AR-15, The Hill reported.

April 21, 2015 In The News

U.S. Capitol Police say a Republican lawmaker is allowed to carry an AR-15 assault rifle in his office as long as the gun is unloaded.

April 21, 2015 In The News

Two Republican congressmen who posed for a photo with an AR-15 assault rifle may soon find themselves under investigation after District of Columbia police Tuesday were given “materials,” including the Twitter photo that could be used to make a case against them, the Hill